Monday, August 27, 2012

The Parent/Student Meeting

On important step we decided to take was to spend time with the students and parents together. During the standard orientation to the school an hour was set aside for me to teach students and parents. I love stuff like that!

I am in a room packed with people all wondering what I was going to say. We spent time going through the equipment and the expectations. We discussed that the primary and most important use of iPads in our classrooms is for learning. Everything else comes in a far second. The students and parents alike were ecstatic to get their equipment and ready to sign the Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

One important thing to note about this meeting is that all of the educators attended it as well as the parents and students. Since everyone was together, there should be less confusion and the educators have heard what I have to say. Since the educators heard what I said to parents and students, they can support our guidelines and are less likely to give a parent bad information.

Since I had a captive audience, I also introduced the parents and students to our online parent/student portal as well as our digital classroom environment. They aren't iPad specific, but all of our technologies are integrated into a single way to teaching and learning. They are not separate entities that function by themselves.

Now he just wait for the first day of school for students. So we hurry up and wait.

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