Monday, August 27, 2012

The iPad Adventure Day 4

This day is the final challenge for my educators. I believe in having educators experience technology (and many things) through the eyes of their students. They are asked to expand their horizons and step out of their comfort zones. My educators will use their time today to create movies using the iMovie iPad app, create comic books using the Comic Life app, creating videos using Explain Everything and many other activities. This is their chance to take what we have discussed and gain some hands on experience.

We spent a couple of hours discussing the first days of school. Where will Randy be located throughout the day? How will we deal with the unexpected? How will we communicate ideas with each other and our students? Who will teach which apps? This is not the most exciting conversation we have ever had, but if we want a smooth implementation, it is VERY important.

My educators did a wonderful job! They asked questions, got frustrated and figured out how to do things themselves. How wonderful! This is all I have to say for this day as most of the initial learning was completed during days 1 through 3. I can't wait to see what the first day of school brings!

Location:E Doubletree Ranch Rd,Paradise Valley,United States

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